Cricut Crafters Rejoice! Long-Awaited Fixes Rolling Out


Great news for all you Cricut enthusiasts! After years of waiting, Cricut has finally begun addressing a ton of those pesky issues that have been plaguing our machines.

According to a recent post by Ashish (just an hour ago!), a massive update is live that tackles a significant chunk of the problems we've all been encountering. This is fantastic progress!

Here's the takeaway:

  • Update your Cricut machine and Design Space software ASAP.
  • This update fixes a bunch of the longstanding issues you've been reporting.
  • (Optional) Check out Ashish's post for a more detailed breakdown (but really, who has time for that when you can get crafting again? )

Let's give a big shoutout to Cricut for listening to their crafter community! Now, get out there and create something amazing! ✨

Here is Ashish's post

"Cricut CEO Post - what are we doing to make the Cricut Design Space Experience frictionless? 

Dear Cricut Members 

I have made several posts on improving the reliability and performance of Design Space. Our teams have been diligently working on reviewing all the bugs and prioritizing rhem. In addition, we have been active on Facebook, reviewing and responding to software related received via our Design Space on Desktop. Much of the effort has been in trying to reproduce the bugs. While some bugs could impact many users, others are related to specific instances of OS-Browser-System combination. I am proud and grateful to the team. 

On desktop, we just finished rolling out 8.27. The 8.27 release incorporates 66 fixes, addressing 31 critical priority field issues and 35 other reliability concerns. I am attaching a link to a detailed release notes on what we have accomplished over the past 6 weeks. Be prepared for a long read.

I have pasted some of the bugs we have resolved here in this post. I don’t expect everyone to read thru. My main point in sharing is that we are taking our member feedback seriously. 

And we will continue to listen and respond with actions. As promised, I will also be doing a YouTube live cast to discuss the future of Design Space. 

HUGE THANK YOU to all our members who responded to our messages and shared project details! Their willingness to help allowed us to replicate the issues quickly and release fixes faster. It's because of our members help, Design Space keeps getting better! We appreciate you all. 

Finally, I am grateful to my team and proud of them. 


Ashish Arora (Cricut ceo) 

Some key bugs in this release. There is much more detail and other issues that are covered in the attached link above. 

1. Changes made to the latest project are lost upon sharing.

2. Draw projects are being opened as cuts instead of drawings, resulting in a color change.

3. Save a project on iOS, then open it on desktop, and notice that the changes fail to appear.

4. After finishing cutting the mat that's off-screen, the scrollbar scrolled back to the top instead of moving to the next mat.

5. My Stuff doesn't show any projects, and the collection is displayed without a name.

6. Follow button is not working on profile page

7. Print Then Cut images appear distorted or the print preview is not accurate

8. Print Then Cut images did not appear correctly on the cut screen.

9. The Print Then Cut quality warning message is preventing the user from proceeding to make it.

10. Clicking "View All" on recent uploads either redirects to the Inspire/Discover page or results in the inability to access the full set of uploaded images.

11. The Canvas performance drastically slows down when inserting high-quality uploaded images.

12. Uploaded high-resolution images, those above 300 DPI, are displaying low-resolution warnings.When uploading an image with a resolution exceeding 300 DPI, it undergoes downsizing, accompanied by a low-resolution warning message for each uploaded image.

13. The image icon that regulates the number of images per line remains unresponsive.

14. The image loses focus when resized, and after hiding contour and resizing, it becomes impossible to move the image upward in the Canvas.

15. There's no prompt to confirm unsaved changes, and the previous unsaved Canvas disappears without any notification to replace or save it.

16. When opening Image Sets, the images load closely together, and the Image Set name tile appears misplaced, positioned between the top and second row instead of the first row.

17. When we perform combine, subtract, intersect, or exclude operations and attaching them, the color or operations remains unchangeable.

18. Even after power cycling and setting the load to go, the -18 machine connection error continues to persist

19. When toggling the mirror function, the mat selection jumps, causing the left side to scroll back to the top.

20. Completing the product setup for a second time with a different machine leads to going to the "Get Started" page without setting the correct machine type.

21. The bookmark icon fails to switch to "bookmarked" for image sets

22. The private profile message fails to display, and opening a project link leads to an empty Canvas without the project

23. The shared profile links are incomplete, leading to the home page instead of directing to the profile

24. When adding a photo to the Project details, it's observed that the image is zoomed in excessively, making it impossible to zoom out sufficiently to display the entire photo.

25. It is not possible to cancel a full-page Print Then Cut project from the Mat Prepare screen.

26. Attempting to open a project with numerous sticker groups results in the Canvas displaying a perpetual spinner, rendering the project inaccessible.

27. Loading stickers with multi-layered complex projects from project details takes considerable time to customize or make, typically ranging from 5 to 7 minutes.

28. The custom border feature fails to function properly with complex shapes and does not create sticker-cut interior shapes combinations as intended.

29. When resizing the sticker image using the Kiss cut & Die-cut Edge option, the image vanishes from the Canvas.

30. Apostrophes and quotes fail to transform into their left-right variants, causing coded single and double quote marks to appear instead of the anticipated left and right variants."