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My Dream Boho Living Room On a low budget.

So 2020 is my No excuses year!So I finally said I am going to make my dream living room come true.
And I am making that dream come true. I have a very low low budget but I made it happen. Here is my new living room. Minus my rug...tell you why later. Still tweaking it and curtains need to be hung. I also will share my tips for buying used and on a genuinely tight budget.
Okay you're probably used to people saying it's a budget living room but their budget is way more than mine? Well not me I have pretty much a little to no budget for things like furniture & decor. So how did I re-decorate my living room? Almost everything you will see is 2nd hand or from a discount store. And I NEVER pay full price. I hit up all the thrift stores, Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army and Deseret Industries, scrolled through Facebook Marketplace and trolled 2nd hand apps, Letgo & Offerup. Oh and discount stores or discount areas of stores. And yes it takes work to find what you want. And yes …

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