Book Cover Ultimate Guide Tool

I am so excited to announce my first official product.

Perfect for Junk Journal or Mini-Album makers. 

This tool is the ultimate must-have for any bookbinder or bookmaker. With five tools in one, it's everything you need to create perfect book covers with ease.


Comes in two color choices.

Teal top with Pink Bottom or Pink Top with Teal Bottom (More colors coming soon)

Approx: 4"W x 9"L x 1/4"H



  1. 1" Edge guide: Helps you get that perfect folder over the edge for your book cover.
  2. Spine gap tool: Creates the perfect gap between your cover and spine, with side A for a chipboard up to 3mm and side B for a chipboard/bookboard/canvas board up to 5mm.
  3. Corner miter: Cuts perfect book cover corners for up to 3mm chipboard on the A side or up to 5mm chipboard/bookboard/canvas panel on the B side.
  4. Straight edge: Aligns your materials and doubles as a squeegee/scraper to smooth.
  5. Corner eyelet guide: Matches positions for your corner eyelets for closures.


The Book Cover Ultimate Guide Tool is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to easily create professional-looking book covers. It's durable, easy to use, has everything you need to get the job done right, and saves space with just one tool.