12 Quick Cards-Simple Stories-Best Year Ever 2020 Collection

HI there...yeah I know long time ...again.

I wanted to share with you a live Facebook I did to show you how to make 12 simple cards from the new Simple Stories Best Year Ever Collectors Kit, Plus BYE brads & sticker book.
All are available from www.atscrapbook.com and are on sale 25% off for the month of may 2020. Plus ATS has more Simple Stories special kits on sale dirt cheap so be sure to head on over.

Okay so you don't have to watch the whole video if you don't want to I am okay with that. I skip through videos too. Particularly the parts where I get interrupted etc. lol.
The beginning of the video we walk through the Collectors kit. Pictures are below of the cards made. Please leave a comment below if you would like more videos like this...but edited so they are not nearly 2 hours long. Yup that's right.

Oh and here is the kit I used.