Quick post ....been working on Craft Fair Inventory

So just wanted to pop on for a quick post.

So I have working on items to offer at a local Craft Fair for a few weeks now. And it is getting down to the last 10 days to work on stuff. So busy busy busy. Not to mention I work at Michaels so well um it's crazy busy there too.

So just wanted to share a couple quick pictures on some things I am working on.

First up tags lots and lots of tags, I made tag / twine combos. Some large packs and some smaller bundles.

Next up mini accordion fold brag album for 4 x 6 or smaller pics 

Mini plaques  for desk or wall

 Gift Card Holder/Cards

Oh my gosh looking at these pics makes me realize how much more I still have to make.

More looks at what I am making later & I may throw in a few tutorials.