Pumpkin Carving & Decorating

I wanted to share this pumpkin I carved and now I am so shouting (in my head) "Look what I can do!" 
I Love Love the way it turned out.

I got the 9" pumpkin from Michaels. I was not sure how hard it would be to carve but it was made easier because I used a Walnut Hallow Heat tool with Creative Hot Knife Point. And Used a stencil I Googled. The hot knife is definitely the key. Make it so much easier to get through this foam pumpkin. Once everything was carved out I added Yellow, Espresso, Bright Green and Copper tinsel Glitters. Really made it pop. Love the little owls. 
Beautiful Halloween Moon and Owls Pumpkin StencilContents of HotMarks wood burning tool for art and craft projects. Walnut Hollow Creative Point Hot Knife Point 2pk, medium

Then of course my daughter wanted to join in so she made a pumpkin with freckles to look like me.
The back says Mom on it. too cute.
Here are a few more pumpkins I experimented with.
I used Glitters , Stickles and Micro Glass Beads.


Laura Pizz said…
Great job girl! I wan to try this too!