More countdown crafting...many days behind.

We had a few hiccups...everyone getting sick...most are all better now. But now our heater went out so waiting on that to be fixed, while wearing lots of

So here is what we did and will be doing today.
Glittered these.
We made these using Glitter It 
This stuff is great makes it easy to add glitter to glass ornaments.
You simply pour the glitter it into a clean glass ornament. then pour it back out into a paper cup.
I let the ornament sit upside down on the cup for a bit to get all the excess glue out.
Once drained out pour glitter into the ornament swirl slowly and pour out the excess glitter into another cup.
You don't want to pour the glitter back into the container because it will now be a little damp from the glue. But you can use the glitter again in another ornament or another project.
Now you let the ornament dry then put the cap back on and hang.
Try using multiple glitters etc.
I also added sequins. (experimenting and it worked).
So here is the trick to adding sequins. Since the sequins are a little heavy, I did not drain the ornament as much when adding sequins so it had more stick. this worked well for me although a few sequins did fall, so I just added a bit more glitter to fill in the empty spaces. Although it did leave some great dots, so I might try purposely making the sequins drop next time to make a cool polka dot ornament.
Also try adding tinsel glitter looks great in ornaments as well.

We are working on our Gingerbread House today.

Will post more later today or tonight.