Kids 12 days of crafting Christmas Countdown

Ok so my countdown is 25 days...but I know not everyone wants to come up with so many crafts.

I made 25 little pockets cut on my Cricut using the Cricut craft rooms elegant envelope. I cut them at 2 inches (relative size).
When I assembled them I turned the envelope on its side and sealed 3 sides including top and bottom leaving a side open.
I cut numbers using cricut craft room font at 2 inches.
I used holiday patterns in cardstock for the envies and solid CS for the font. I made cards for in the pouches using two colors of cardstock and one pattern paper cut at 4" x 2" so they stick out of the top of the pouches with alternating colors.

Now so I did not go nuts making 25 crafts up or searching pinterest for hours I made 7 surprise treat cards up. So if you want to make 12 day or more of crafts or my crazy 25. There ends up being a few breaks where you can give the kids a candy treat or special little toy instead of making a craft.
Now once everything is cut and assembled write on the cards the craft you want to make and other things like cookies for santa the day before christmas.
Attached some twine on the flap left open at what is now the top of pouches. With some double sided tape or fast drying glue then fold the flap into the envy this gives the garland great strength.
Add stickers or embellies of your choice to envys and /or the ends of the garland.
I also attachd some trim t the tops of the cards to make it cute and easy to pull out of the pouches.

So now for some of the crafts we have made.
I love these snowmen and

Ok so I work for Michael's so I usually find all my supplies there.
So I found these big snowballs on clearance for $1.99 at Michaels they are about 4 inches each ball.
(Please keep in mind they may be regular price at some Michael's)
So I hot glued two snowballs together to make the body of the snowmen.
Then I cut felt to make scarfs and hats. Added pom poms for the top of the hats and used embellies that I have laying around for the face and buttons and things. Or as my daughter called it on her Purple snow lady. A belly button and a bellybutton tattoo.

We have also made some sun catchers found at Michael's as well. They are only $1 for a pack of one frame and the melting beads. And the two frame ornaments are also from michael's I got them for about .42 cents. Full price I believe is $1 I got them on sale of course. We painted them with multiple acrylic crafts paint colors and splashed them with glitter. Today is a treat day so no craft today.
Tomorrow I will post a few days of crafts that we will be doing along with another completed one.