Crayon Melting Project

Ok so my Kids and I jumped on the Crayon Melting Band Wagon.
I love it. Some of you may know I am a Paper Crafting Instructor at Michael's. If not, now you do. ;)
So anywho...I did a crayon melting demo a little while back and decided to make one with my kids too.
Because it was soo cool looking.

This is the one I did at Michael's..

 I cut out the "Create" on my Cricut. Here we used Crayola Crayons. I put white melted crayon on the Create sign to give it a waxy look.

 Here are my kids creations...

Ok cut their names the same way.
I used creatology crayons from Michael's for these.
These crayons seemed to melt a little faster than the Crayola ones.

We made Kylees day before Yesterday. Simon's we made today because he was sick the last two days and is not feeling better.


Missy said…
What a fun project to do with the kiddos---and it looks fantastic, too!!