My first's a big one with a prize!-Closed Due Nov6th

Ok so I have decided for my daughter's birthday next March...yes I know I like to plan anyhow...
Her theme is going to be Hello Kitty.

So yes this has to do with Hello Kitty...

So I was at the Good Will the other day...and I found some great items ...scrap booking edgers and so on.
But I also found a whole stack ...54 to be bags for only 10 cents each ...thought to myself these would be perfect for my daughters birthday..only issue is that they are from a well known designer store.
But all brand new, so I figured I could cover the name and add Hello Kitty I am now stuck trying to come up with a design and I have a few ideas but I thought hey why not ask my friends and other fellow crafty people to help me with a design.

So here is the challenge:
  • I will accept the first 12 people that want to sign up for this challenge only 12 because...
  • I will send those 12 people one bag each to decorate in a Hello Kitty theme.
  • You will post up your bag when you are done being creative with it.
  • And I will choose which I like best along with my daughter and use that design.
  • The bag we choose wins a prize!
  • Rules
    • You have to cover up all the stores logos.
    • You have to use items I can buy or find an alternative for.
    • Do not take off the handle because well I like it.
    • When you are done please post it up.
    • Sign ups end on September 30th 2010 or when I have 12 people which ever comes first.
    • You will have till October 31st 2010 November 6th to post it...plenty of time for me to send it to you and you work on it.
  • Now for the prize: a crazy mix but I think it's a good prize...and all sponsored by me.
    • A Hello Kitty Hair Bow I made from some really cute ribbon I got from Hong Kong. Which will also be in my goody bag for my daughters party.
    • A set of Tim Holtz Clear Stamps-Urban Grunge
    • And a $10 gift certificate to Michael's or Jo' Ann's.
    • And of course a huge thank you!
 So please sign up below and email me your address with Hello Kitty as the subject. And please remember to follow my blog. Please please be sure you will be participating and not flake. I hope to do more giveaways as I hope to grow my blog so please no flakes or you will no longer be able participate in my challenges.

Please email me your address so I can send you the bag...
I will be sending the bags out October 1st 2010. 

Participants please add your picture of the bag you designed below.


Rosann said…
Sign me up.
Your fellow MW consultant.
Email me your address. I will be sending out the bags October 1st.
Stefanie said…
Sounds like fun!!!!!! Sign me up!
I would love to do this!! My address in posted on CM :)
me me me how fun!!!
Abby said…
Count me in! email me so that I can send you my address..

scrapbookaholicbyabby at yahoo dot com
Anonymous said…
Sure...why not. I'll give it a try. :D
lynnielee said…
add me toooo

sassy lady aka lynnielee
Angie said…
Sure, I'll do it! Do we email ya the picture when we are done? Thanks Oh, my addy is in Creation Station address post.
Dee said…
I'd like to try this too.
Monica said…
this sounds fun, if you are still taking people I would give it a shot!! mikenmonica at hotmail dot com
Went postal today...was waiting on one address I will extend deadline one week
ok so when the real deadline? I received my bag and coming up with ideas! Thanks this is going to be fun!!!
November 6th...if you need a little more time just let me know.
Mine is done and posted on my blog :)
Angie said…
I am working on mine, hope to have a pic up by tonight:)
Angie said…
Well, I am still tweaking it a little.. LOL! Please give me til 2morrow, I would love to take a picture of it in better light, so I will have it up 2morrow for sure, thanks!
I just posted mine. Didn't see the link thing before then I emailed you the pics and now i come back and there is the link thing. Hopefully you'll still consider it. :)
Angie said…
Ok, got it posted, thanks for the challenge and for extending it a little for me:) Hope ya like it!
I only have 5 peoples entries. Anyone else? Please post them up. I will close it on Tuesday.
Not yet...actually showing my daughter now.
I will announce a winner Tomorrow!