JoAnns and their great Clearance

So I went to JoAnn's last night and I really just stopped in to look around because we had just went to Babies R Us next door.
Well I picked up a Fiskars Stamp Press on sale for around $10. Not Bad. And some Stamp Pads from Studio G.

Well on my way out behind the registers they have this massive caged cabinet thing where they keep all the Cricuts, the Cricut Cartridges and all. It's about 4 large registers long.
Well right behind the register I am at I spot a clearance tag on one of the Cricut Cartridges. It's the Sesame Street Friends Cartridge. So I decide at the last minute after I was already rang up and paid for my other things, how much is it on clearance for? Expecting hear $29.99 or above and I was going to just move on ...she says it's only $9.95. I could not believe it. And I only brought enough cash with me for a few things. Then I remembered oh wait I have my debit card...cha-ching. Woo hoo new cartridge along with my 95 points it gave for only $9.95.

So please if you ever go to Jo Ann's check out the may be pleasantly surprised.

So here is the first thing I made was slimy by request of my 4 yr old son. (5" setting)

And the Second was Abby Cadabby at the request of my daughter. (8" setting)


Unknown said…
After a request from my two year old for abby cadabby party, I've been on a desperate hunt for a cut able file that I can cut on my silhouette. A search brought up your blog. Any ideas if I can get this file from you or where I can purchase it?

Found this file.
Just Google abby cadabby svg. You should come up with a few.
Mine came from a cricut cartridge.
Good luck hth.