The Cricut Expression-Re-Post

Published by: ThisMisfitCrafter on 18th Jun 2010 -this was originally posted on my Crafting Network. The Misfit Crafters.

So I have the Cricut Expression. Got it at the goodwill for about $80.00 Brand new. So a super bargain. But it was missing all the extras including the blade, mats and cartridges. So I buy it and it sits because I have nothing I can cut with.

But after using my noggin I go on EBAY...gotta love EBAY. I have had the Cricut for about a month now. I am so addicted now. I love this machine.
The possibilities are endless.

Of course I go cartridge buying crazy...but I am still good I bought 7 cartridges in total so far.
I have cut many things but have not put together an entire scrap
My son I think gets more things out of it than I do. As soon as he sees me on it.
Mommy make me a bus, a car, a train a guitar.

Oh but now I have also discovered Sure Cuts A lot. So I have used the trial version and my hubby got it for me...I love...and I don't crave going on to EBay to buy more cartridges. Now I am in no way going to chuck my cartridges out the window but I will buy cartridges with large gaps of time between each purchase instead of back to back purchases.

So what have I been making check out some things I have made below.

Anything I think you might want to know how I made I will put in a separate blog.

Most of these are either challenges or Swaps from this great Cafe Mom group I am  in called Cricut Chirpin' Mamas.


Angie said…
Wow, You got a REAL BARGAIN!! Wish I could find bargains like that at our goodwills!!! They never have anything good when I check! Your lucky:)
you have to really look and spend some time looking and digging sometimes. Also try and make friends with someone there so they can give you a heads up when good things come in.
The price is much more cheaper now, I have to buy my own cricut expression by next week. I love creating crafts.