2020 No Excuses! 2019 so many changes

oH MY GOSH! Phew 2019...anyone else feel that way?

So wanted to start off saying...hi everyone! 🙋And nope I have not abandoned my blog. See I am alive!

So what happened in 2019 and where did I go? Well I don't want to be a drama mama so all I can say is sh*t happens and I dealt with it. Lots of ups & downs. Mostly down but what can you do. Yes I am an optimist don't hate me.
So where did I go....
I did have a major job change & changed stores twice, remember I work at Michaels. So I was at 3 stores last year. I went from part time manager to full time manager. And well time management took some getting used to. Well it pretty much took a nose dive in my creative & personal life. And I just did not make time for things I love like creating.

I did teach lots of Cricut classes last year though and that was great. And that brings me to 2020 and my new mantra or what ever you want to call it.


No more excuses for me. I mean look I am old well sort of 43 going on 44 and well it's about time I take my life to where I want it to be.I will find the time and push myself to do the things I want to do, work for myself and make things happen. WHO IS WITH ME? Lol no not gonna sell you some get rich quick thing or anything just sharing my No excuses rant.

I know I might be a little crazy...I know you are thinking it...lol

I am going to going back to University at the end of January...I am nuts right? FT job, running my own business & school. Scared as SH*T but gonna do this.

So this year you will see blog posts, Instagram posts, lives on Facebook, Instagram & youtube (well if I can grow my Youtube enough to do lives.) You will see YouTube videos and so much more. 
I will also be growing my Misfit Crafter Studio Business. MCS is my local Las Vegas Business where I teach creative classes, host creative parties and can bring the creative party to peoples birthday parties etc. I can also be hired to create stuff for people, like stencils, paint stuff, make it for you. I also have a small community of makers that can be hired to teach or make things for you. So please check it out!

So if you read this far...let me know what your 2020 mantra, word, resolutions are. Tell me if I am crazy or not...lol