Annual Witch Hat 2014

So I began making a witch hat or two every year for the past few years. This will be my 5th hat.
I love doing these hats. So no more talk about it here it is.

I used DCWV's Eek A Boo Stack, Printed burlap stack and Fall & Halloween Cork 6x6 stack.
Tools used were a hot glue gun, Scissors, spray bottle with water and shimmer medium , a Fiskars boarder punch and Martha Stewart score board. And of course the Premade Paper mache witch hat from Michaels

So just a little bit on how I got the brim on.
I traced out the outer shape of the brim on the Paper Mache hat onto the Paper Backed Burlap from DCWV's Printed Burlap Stack (love it).
The paper backing helps glue the burlap to surfaces.
Then cut about an inch and a half over the size of the rim and then cut in all around to make it easier to tuck under the brim of the hat.
Then I cut a hole in the middle of the traced out shape and centered the best i could then cut from the middle out toward the inner center piece of the brim till it was the size of the hat opening.

 Add Mod Podge or any white glue to the brim of the hat.
I medium thickness worth is perfect

Then just slip the burlap over the hat.
if it is too snug just cut a bit more off once on take the burlap off then cut a circle using your cut ins as a guide.

 Put the burlap back on the hat then add glue to the underside of the brim.
 Next start tucking the burlap under the brim and just hold it in place for a few seconds till it feels secure.
 Next I will show you how to add the accordion style ribbon on the brim.
Fan fold wired ribbon about and 1 1/2" wide. the length will depend on how tight you want the accordion to be and the size of the hat.
 Next add hot glue to the bottom back center of the hat.
 attach one end of the ribbon to the hat
 next wrap the accordion folded ribbon around the hat and attach the other end of the ribbon to the same back center spot on the hat.
 I use my Teflon coated scissors to hold down the ribbon so I don't burn myself on the glue.
 Next evenly space the ribbon folds on the hat.
 Next add hot glue to the fold touching the hat to keep the ribbon secure.
Then just add your own special touched like extra ribbon and embellishments.


Laura Pizz said…
I LOVE your hats -- esp this one!