In Love with this hair product!

Ok for anyone that knows me personally they know I have battled with my crazy Incredibly thick curly hair almost all my life , for at least the last 25 years. Now, I have found solutions to make it strait when I want to, but never anything that really helped make it look great curly and down. But I have finally found it and I did not have to pay a fortune for it. Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Smoothing Cream.
I bought it for the first time and used it after my shower yesterday. Now right away I knew I would not be using just the recommended quarter size amount on the directions, I used more like a quarter maybe a little less...but if you have seen my hair not much less. Combed it through my damp hair and something amazing happened, it did not frizz out right away. Usually after a few minutes I see the puffing begin so I said hey maybe this will work and I can have my hair only half up today, but then after waiting longer and giving it a little blow dry with a diffuser it was still smooth and my curls looked great. In fact all night at work till bed at midnight still looked great and I did not pin it up, tie it up or anything. Then I woke up this morning and well the side I must have slept on the most was a bit flattened but then I fluffed it out a bit and then after dropping my husband at work came home and dampened some over flat parts and some parts that needed to be re curled and added the quarter size amount of cream to my hand and reapplied to the messed up areas and it looks better than yesterday.
Thank you Garnier Fructis!
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