Cricut Print then Cut New Updates-Beta

Hey there! I am so excited.

So Cricut is working on something I have been and I know you have been waiting for when it comes to Print then Cut. But you can try it out right now.
That is more sizes for print then cut.
Check out my video to learn more about it and how to get the beta version of cricut design space so you can try out this new feature.

Also be sure to grab your free Print then Cut Tips & Tricks guide below.

Let me tell you, I have been loving the new feature. I ran out well ordered on amazon, and got me some 8.5" x 14" cardstock. Grab yours here.

What have I been doing with it. Well I have been making batches of ephemera for my junk journals, creating large fun project. Oh my gosh I am really enjoying this new feature.

Now not gonna lie, it is in the BETA (test) version of Design Space right now. So I sometimes get some hiccups. I do suggest if you are using the BETA version be sure to give Cricut Feedback on any glitches so they can be fixed for the live version.

Just go to the Cricut Menu and click report a problem.

It will then bring up this handy little picker.

I hope you enjoy the new features that are being tested and the ones currently available on Cricut.

And if you would like to learn more about Cricut be sure to head over to the classes page.