Shaker Pastel Bat

Adorable pastel shaker bat embellishment. This one was made at 3" wide. You can make it any size.

Check the video below for assembly.

And check out the project on Cricut Design Space here.


Cardstock-Purple & black

Craft Foam-Black


Clear fast drying glue like glossy accents

Shaker filler- glitter, clay slices, beads.

Sharpie (optional)


Base layer is made with purple cardstock

craft foam is for making the well to hold the shaker bits in,  if you want deeper well cut two per bat. I only cut one for the one I did.

When removing the craft foam from the mat be sure to lift piece by piece instead of with one big pull to avoid stretching the foam.

Glue the foam to the base cardstock.

Glue the black outline cardstock to the top of the acetate layer.

Fill the well of the shaker with shaker bits then glue the acetate to the foam piece to seal it all up.

You can either glue on the eyes to the acetate or use the negative piece to use as a template and use the sharpie to draw in the face.

If you want to use the shaker bat as a paper clip.

Cut a second base piece and glue the paper clip between the two base pieces for a clean look.

One thing I would change is to not put any of the black shaker bits on the face part so you are able to see the face better.