Planner Stickers

 Hey all. Happy New Year!!!

Heres to a hopefully much better year than last.
I wanted to share a fun quick Cricut project I made.

I made plant watering reminder stickers. That I seriously need because I forget and my kids forget to water our plants and we have had several casualties this past year.

So these stickers were made on my Cricut Maker. Using Glossy Sticker paper on the printable vinyl setting and this will only cut to the backer paper not all the way through. If you want it to cut all the way through, use the white sticker paper setting on more pressure.

I found a great deal on glossy sticker paper on amazon with a great rating.

Click the picture above to take you to the Cricut Project to make your own plant stickers.
It has 9 different plants so you can change the plant you need to water on different days. I know I have some plants that need lots of water while others need to dry out first.