Felt Smile Ghosts

So Halloween is coming, and honestly I have not done any decorating and have done very few crafts for Halloween. This year with the nasty C word had just put me in a weird mood. Like this year is just missing.
Anyone else feel that way?

Now don't get me wrong we have had ups & downs all year long.
Actually changed jobs, went from being at Michaels for nearly 10 years, to now working as Apple IOS tech support.

Well enough about that...let's get to what I did actually get around to making for Halloween.
These adorable Moon Ghosts ...or that is what they remind me of anyway. I made them using my Cricut Maker using a few cut files from Cricut. Link to Project is below. How cute are they?

So how I made these...

1 sheet of white 9 x 12 craft felt
1 sheet of black 9 x 12 craft felt
Cricut washable fabric marker
pink fabric marker
Black sharpie
Purple thread
batting fluffy stuff
felt stickers
Hot glue gun & glue
And this really cool new sewing machine pictured & linked below.
Used to make the cute stitches on the hat and sew the ghosts together. Click to check it out. 

So for the this project I used the files below...

Then I just took away all the complicated parts, duplicated the main ghost part & hat part and flipped the duplicated part to mirror and become the backs.
I then changed the face on the ghost and had the Cricut draw those parts out.
Cut the pieces on the Cricut and darkened in the face with black sharpie and used a pink marker for the cheeks. I used the sewing machine to add cute details to the hats.
And then sewed the edges of the ghosts together leaving a small part open to stuff the ghosts.
I sewed right side out to make it easy. 
I then sewed the two sides of the had together leaving the bottom open then hot glued the hats onto the ghosts. I then hot glued on the felt stickers ( I know they are stickers but wanted them to stay on). I also added a little powder to the backs of the stickers that stuck out on the back sides so it was not sticky.
I added a little glitter glue to the bat sticker as well

Click the link below to be taken strait to the Cricut Project.