Oh hey there...long time no blog!

Yes yes I know it's been forever...well over a year since my last post. You should know by now I don't blog often...but man do I post on Instagram like mad...lol.

But yes it has been over a year and now I am back at it. It's been a very crazy year. Ups & downs...lot's of downs...but I am being proactive to make it all ups as much as I can from here on out.

So enough about all that. I will be posting at least once a week on Tuesday from now on. So be sure to check back at least on Tuesdays. I will have fun crafty & maker tutorials. Just some rantings about my fun crazy life. Homeschooling bits & more...but mostly crafts.

Also be sure to follow me on social media for live tutorials & crafty chats. And join me in Living the Crafty Life. Oh yeah and for you Vegas locals...I will be sharing that crafty life with local classes, workshops & play dates (for kids & adults to craft).

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Periscope-@Misfitcrafter- Live scopes with tutorials & just some crafty chatting
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