Crazy February

Oh my it has been a crazy busy February. Here is what's been up the past few weeks. I can't believe it more than half the month is already gone. 

I have had a jammed packed schedule. I started by ripping up carpet and moving out all of my furniture so we could stain/paint the floors and the walls of my living room /dining room/crafty area.
We are finally just about done. We thought it was going to be a long weekend project and it turned in to an almost 3 week project. Here is a bit of progression of the space. I am loving the layout and now we just need to add a few touch ups here and there. And put back all the decorations and move a few more pieces of furniture.

Also before moving in some of the furniture, some of the pieces were redone. Like the cabinet with the mirror doors it's mostly finished but I think I need to redo the doors, oh and it is actually green not the yellow it is showing on the picture. The picture showing the floor is the actual color of the wall. But that is mid project. The floor looks so much better now.

We also had lot's of family outings like my son's birthday at the Springs Preserve. We just invited one of friends to come along with us. Then we went back to our house for some cake. It was the day we also started working on the house.

I had a Simon & Mommy day for his birthday so he could go spend his birthday money. Well half of it. He loved it.

Girl Scout Letter-boxing & Geo-cashing day at the park with my daughter, We had never been to this park before it was so cool. We found the letterbox but no luck with the geo-cashing. 

My Mother & Grandmother in Law came for a visit so we went to the Springs Preserve & Nevada State Museum.

We went to a homeschool Valentine exchange day at another great park we had never been to.
Kids loved this climbing thing that looked like chips. They found this cool swing too.

 Kylee loved the park we went to with the girl scouts so much we had a park day with a couple of HomeSchool friends so we could show Simon the park, He loved it too. They also had that cool swing there.

 Kylee & I attended a Girl Scout Tea Party just this past Thursday.

 Next was Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sales Friday & Saturday.

Now in between all this fun. I would wake up do the daily get the kids food and dressed. Then I would do a bit of painting or scraping or removing of something, would head off to work, come back home and do more painting or scraping or staining till the next early morning sleep a few hours and start all over again.

So Sunday which I am still awake from is my day that we did not have anything planned but I still did a bit of arranging of furniture and then relaxed and enjoyed what  I could of my birthday.
Tomorrow I was planning on just crafting and cutting on my cricut. But Cricut decided to do an update to Design space from 6am to midnight so that is not happening.