Get to know Me Blog Hop!

Sorry for the delay on this post. My laptop is not happy right now. Some people may remember that a couple years or so ago now, I used to have a brand spanking new computer I loved, long story short girls spilled water in it, now i have a really expensive paper weight and I was forced to use my old laptop.

So on with the Blog Hop.
So I was invited by the wonderful Lisa Pizzirusso to participate in this on-going blog hop where you "Get to Know Me" just a bit more. Please visit Lisa's blog which she shares with Christina and check out their wonderful work.

So basically from here I will introduce you to a little to what I do and how I do it, why I do it and so on.
When your all done looking at that I will have three other wonderful bloggie's to take a look at.

So I have four questions to answer....

First, Why do I create what I create? Oh my gosh because it is so much fun, it's a release from the day to day. I simply love it. I craft/make art. I love that what I do I can share through teaching and spend time with my family and friends by making things together. And if you have not had a chance to look around yet, I love paper crafts, scrapbooking, card making, art journal, canvas mixed media creations and so much more.
I also sew, decorate, re-purpose and re-furbish furniture. I love making all my own decorations for parties.


Next was that too much,  How does your work differ from others of its genre?
I have a quirky do what I want try everything style I guess, I think though everyone is a little different from others. But I don't think I am that different from lots of people. I do love more styles that most I can go sophisticated to crazy, warm and fuzzy to edgy.

Question #3 How does your writing/creating process work?

Process....mmm.....process, gosh no real process. Well I guess it depends on what I am working on. If I need to do an assignment for a blog, contest or as a designer or to teach I get a bit more in a work mode, what I mean is I usually have to follow specific directions or have to match a style, so I try to come as close to what is required as possible. But mostly for just about everything I do I look for inspiration on Pinterest, in magazines, ezines, online, Instagram, everyday life and everything all around me and translate it through my eyes.

Final question: What am i working on now?
Flowers, because I just love making flowers. I love making paper flowers. Sometime I do quick and easy ones others take quite a bit of time.
Here is a little photo tutorial on how I get the center on this flower.
Here is what you need to make a glass bead flower center.
Seed beads and other assorted small glass beads.
Alcohol inks, a Mixing cup or two and Glossy Accents.
Oh and something to stir with.

 Next you add some beads to a mixing cup, I used mini souffle cups. Next a couple drops of Alcohol Ink in and stir if using two colors repeat again in another cup. Mix till the beads are nicely coated and getting less stuck together from drying. Next put them in a paper towel or rag to help dry them off completely.

 Next mix the two colors of beads you just dyed. grab your flower and Glossy accents. Cover the center of the flower just a little bit off from the edges of the center with glossy accents (sorry forgot to take a picture of that) next pour on the beads and give them a little push down to get into the glossy accents.

 After you push on the beads try and move them toward the center as desired then put a top coat of glossy accents on the top of the beads. Glossy accents is great because it dries completely clear. I use a chop stick to center and push up the beads even more to create a nice high dome.

The finished results are so pretty.

I also will be working on my brothers wedding center pieces and favors over the next month so stay tuned for that. Here is a little taste of what the materials are for the wedding.
The flowers are actually really dark purple they came out blueish here.

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