I am back! And a look at what I have been working on.

Sorry I have been away so long. Still working on getting a new computer or fixing my laptop.
But I have had so many things going on it's been nuts. We rebuilt my husbands old computer so now I can use that one for now, but I am sharing it with my son.

As some of you may know I work at Michael's as an instructor but I am also now a part time Customer Experience Manager (CEM) along side with our Full Time CEM. So I will be at the store more than ever since I will do my CEM duties along with teaching classes.
As a result I also took on the role as my children's Teacher since I decided to enroll them into the K12 Nevada Virtual Academy school instead of their Charter School. With both positions at work I really did not see my children much at all. So this way I get to see them everyday for most of the day and we spend some great time together. Although this may change next year when my schedule slows down after the holidays.

As an instructor at Michael's I am required to become certified with PaperEd (exclusive to Michael's) and Spotted Canary School. So I am an official Spotted Canary School instructor and Certified PaperEd Instructor twice over now.  
Also as a Spotted Canary Instructor I can now teach at any community education location. So YMCA's, schools etc. So if anyone wants me to come teach at their location please contact me. I am able to teach anywhere on the west side of town. (Las Vegas). 
And I am also a Flight Instructor with Spotted Canary school. Which is a great honor. I will act as a mentor for New and existing instructors. 

So I wanted to share a few pictures from Halloween projects.
I will start with some great fall inspiration and holiday inspiration in the days to come.
Let me know if you have any dilemmas you need assistance on or projects you would like to see as well.

Now I know these pictures are a bit late for inspiration but I had to share a couple projects I did for Halloween. I loved them.
This is a hat I am in love with now. 
It took me approximately 3 hours to complete.
I used a paper maché Witches Hat from Michaels'.
And all the paper and embellishments are from K & Co's Haunted Collection.

This is a little wood house I got from michael's as well.
I used the Haunted Collection on this as well.
I also used paint and Ranger time Holtz Crackle Paint.