SO very Sad...

So I have not been online much at all lately. Well that is due to a little accident (really big actually) with my laptop. Seems my children were not careful and spilled a whole glass of water in my laptop. Hubby thought it was just a little water and thought it was dry and he turned it on and it worked. But when I got home from Michael's after teaching a wonderful class I opened my laptop to submit my students and pressed my power button...well it made it's usual beep and nothing. It did not turn on I looked up and noticed my screen was all wet. Well long story short it is fried. I am hoping it is just the power supply and not the mother board. And really crossing my fingers nothing is damaged on the hard drive. But right now I am borrowing my moms computer which is great but of course lacks most of my programs and all my files. So I will continue to post and submit to my design teams I serve on but it will be a little slow. Wish me luck on saving my laptop please.


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