Memory Works Spring 2011 Cataog!

Just click on the book it wil take you strait to the new catalog. You have to see all the new products.

They even threw in a great surprise ...a new Simple Stories collection. See more of the collection here.

Contact me to place an order.


Elizabeth said…
I couldn't get a link to work to see the new catalog? I've never used Memory Works - but the 100 days of Summer line looks really fun - is that available to buy or only in stores?
It is available through me and memory works...the 100 days of summer that is.
The catalog I will fix in just a minute.
Elizabeth said…
wow I've never looked at Memory Works products - I'm loving it! Is it a problem that I'm in CA? I'm loving their kits!!!
No problem anywhere you can have a book party too. Then get free stuff.
Oh the 100 Days of summer collection will start shipping at the end of April you can pre order now though.
diana creations said…
that so cute paper creat me pink sent me