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Ok so Misfit Crafter, let me explain. To me being a maker, crafty person, artsy being has made me feel less like a so called Misfit. So really Misfit I see as someone who just goes with the flow of life. So I am a Misfit Crafter. Also I am a mom of two beautiful beings & a wife & so much more.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween Twinchies

I made these great twinchies for another swap I love them I had a little trouble with the ribbon sticking to the back of the twinchies so I am adding another backing just to hold them in place. I used imaged I found on MTC for the witch hat and the spider is from Happy Hauntings. I just cut off the dangling spider web piece. The spider is from the witch hat on the cartridge.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy Week

Sorry for not posting lately it's been a crazy week. I was able to get some tags done for a swap but that is about it. I will post how I made them in a couple days. I did promise some videos up by now but my camera is not cooperating right now. I have a loner from Frys while my camera is getting repaired. I want my camera back already.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My first challenge...it's a big one with a prize!-Closed Due Nov6th

Ok so I have decided for my daughter's birthday next March...yes I know I like to plan ahead...so anyhow...
Her theme is going to be Hello Kitty.

So yes this has to do with Hello Kitty...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JoAnns and their great Clearance

So I went to JoAnn's last night and I really just stopped in to look around because we had just went to Babies R Us next door.
Well I picked up a Fiskars Stamp Press on sale for around $10. Not Bad. And some Stamp Pads from Studio G.

Monday, September 13, 2010

3-Layer Flower Cut Out Tags on the Cricut

I am in yet another Swap as usual...actually currently participating in about 15 plus swaps...but more about the swap addiction later...lol. So for this swap I made tags. The theme was the colors mostly of the tag.

Here is what the tag looks like all complete.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stars...love stars.

So I finally, after having these stars for months, put them up. It's a start but I do want to repaint that wall and add a few more elements up. Hope you like it so far.

I think I am going to use my Cricut Cutting Machine and cut out some vinyl letters and put up some saying above the stars. I will update you all on my blog as I decorate the whole house for the fall.

Baby Card-Gender Neutral

So I am addicted to swaps. I am sure many of us are. If your not familiar with swaps basically everyone sends in one element from a theme to one person. That person then sorts all the items sent in and sends one whole kit from all the elements to each person who sent something in. And you end up with a kit. Or you end up with a partner and you send it directly to your partner and them to you.

Well this last swap was a card kit swap and I received a baby theme set. So here is what I came up with.
I also still have lots of extras left over to make more cards.

The Cricut Expression-Re-Post

Published by: ThisMisfitCrafter on 18th Jun 2010 -this was originally posted on my Crafting Network. The Misfit Crafters.

So I have the Cricut Expression. Got it at the goodwill for about $80.00 Brand new. So a super bargain. But it was missing all the extras including the blade, mats and cartridges. So I buy it and it sits because I have nothing I can cut with.

But after using my noggin I go on EBAY...gotta love EBAY. I have had the Cricut for about a month now. I am so addicted now. I love this machine.
The possibilities are endless.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ooh La La

Originally posted: Published by: ThisMisfitCrafter on 27th Aug 2010
OK so I received a Mystery die cut in this group I am in. Basically someone sends you a Mystery Cut and you do something with it.
So here is what I did with mine...The cut was the Eiffel Tower in two pieces a white background and a black cut out overlay.
Close Up Pics Below:

Friday, September 10, 2010

I got my new Pink ATG & 1st thing I did was Bling it....

Yup within an hour of getting my new Pink ATG gun from Scotch home I blinged it. I love it. I still have to do a little more with the other side but I really like the results.
Below you can see what I used and how I made it look like this step by step.
Oh and I got it KyandyLand Scrapbook store in Las Vegas for only $26.99 + tax. They also have an online store...so get it while it last...everywhere keeps selling out and please tell them Monique Leslie sent you.
ATG all blingy.

Opening up this new blog

Ok so I am not completely used to this blogging stuff. But I am up for the challenge.
So really I just want to introduce you to what this is all about.
I craft many things right now mostly paper crafts, cards, scrap-booking, hair accessories, jewelry  pieces, kids crafts and way more.
I will give tutorials on how I make the things I make. I will also announce when I find a good buy. Product reviews and just talking about crafts in general.
I will eventually have another person blogging with me as well. And if this does happen the name might change just a little.
So hey hope you enjoy. Always feel free to ask me questions and give suggestions etc.
Thanks for reading!