Candy Covered Popcorn Recipe

Okay so everyone seems to just love this recipe. I did not invent it but I sure have changed it a little every time I do it. I don't know where it originally came from though.

It is the easiest recipe ever.
Here is what you need.

  • Plain Popcorn Kernels (no butter no salt)
  • Wilton Candy Melts 
    • 1 bag per 1/4 pound of un-popped popcorn
    • In as many colors as you want to give it pop
  • Any sprinkles or candies you would like to add for decoration

Okay so here is how hard it is...not

Pop the popcorn as much as you need remember 1 bag of melts for every 1/4 pound of kernels.

While popping your corn melt your melts.
Just follow the directions on the melt bag. (microwave is easiest)
Get a really big bowl or pot to mix up the melts into the popcorn with.
Pour a little bit of melted melts on the popcorn and start mixing.
A little at a time.
Using gloved hands is easiest.
Keep pouring and mixing till the popcorn is fully covered.
If you want to add more color wait a little bit after mixing in your first color so it dries to add another color or the colors will just mix into another color.
Or drizzle color to the top of the popcorn after you put the popcorn into the container you want it in.
See top picture.
Got the ones pictured at Michaels they change up the style they carry on these every season though.
Add sprinkles or candy topping for more decoration. (FYI black sprinkles end up looking like
Try using the new limited time flavors that the Melts have been coming in for variety.
I tried Marsh-mellow last.
Michaels also carries melt flavorings as well.

See super simple and everyone loves it.