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Ok so Misfit Crafter, let me explain. To me being a maker, crafty person, artsy being has made me feel less like a so called Misfit. So really Misfit I see as someone who just goes with the flow of life. So I am a Misfit Crafter. Also I am a mom of two beautiful beings & a wife & so much more.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Crazy February

Oh my it has been a crazy busy February. Here is what's been up the past few weeks. I can't believe it more than half the month is already gone. 

I have had a jammed packed schedule. I started by ripping up carpet and moving out all of my furniture so we could stain/paint the floors and the walls of my living room /dining room/crafty area.
We are finally just about done. We thought it was going to be a long weekend project and it turned in to an almost 3 week project. Here is a bit of progression of the space. I am loving the layout and now we just need to add a few touch ups here and there. And put back all the decorations and move a few more pieces of furniture.

Also before moving in some of the furniture, some of the pieces were redone. Like the cabinet with the mirror doors it's mostly finished but I think I need to redo the doors, oh and it is actually green not the yellow it is showing on the picture. The picture showing the floor is the actual color of the wall. But that is mid project. The floor looks so much better now.

We also had lot's of family outings like my son's birthday at the Springs Preserve. We just invited one of friends to come along with us. Then we went back to our house for some cake. It was the day we also started working on the house.

I had a Simon & Mommy day for his birthday so he could go spend his birthday money. Well half of it. He loved it.

Girl Scout Letter-boxing & Geo-cashing day at the park with my daughter, We had never been to this park before it was so cool. We found the letterbox but no luck with the geo-cashing. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Painting & staining in my Living room / Crafty Area

Ok so I have been pretty MIA for this week and believe me it's driving me nuts and I am going end up in hives if I don't get to craft soon.

We have cleared out my Living room/Crafty space (yes they are in the same place) and are painting the walls, which is pretty easy. But we have also removed the carpet and will be staining the concrete flooring. And oh my gosh that is taking forever. It's the prepping of the floor that is holding everything up, scrapping and removing glue and cleaning the concrete floor. Not to mention having to patch the holes made by the tack board that they also used to hold down the carpet instead of removing baseboards. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so wanting and actually needing to craft something. I have inlaws coming in to town Sunday. But I work till then so we are working through the early mornings every day to finish up this floor. And somehow I will need to put back all the furniture and my craft area stuff. Also will need to put up all the wall bits.

All the furniture and crafty bits are stacked in the kitchen and in my bedroom so it's a real pain to do anything else i need to in the house as well.

I will be so happy when it is all done.
Oh and we only end up getting a few hours a day after and before work and in between all the other stuff we do on a daily bases. to actually work on the floor.

so that's my rant thanks for reading.